A very professional and competitive customer service

Our Hosted.Store team are always available for answering any of your queries so do’nt hesitate to contact our support team. When reporting a question you can guarantee an answer within 24 hours with our focus on providing high quality customer service with an experienced team of professionals.

Providing results with continuous efforts

sing our platform to open your webstore is quick and instant with our fast and effective approach towards our clients with a growing amount of new stores opening every day. Special thanks to our customer support team

80% Customers recommends Hosted.Store to their friends
92% Customers give a positive feedback on our Customer Care Service
  • 91% Positive customer service feedback
  • 91% Of Clients recomend Hosted.Store
  • General satisfaction: 88%
  • Average waiting time of: 12 seconds
  • Average customer satisfaction: 4.6 out of 5
  • 95% Of Calls connected in the first 20 seconds
80% Customers recommends Hosted.Store to their friends
92% Customers give a positive feedback on our Customer Care Service

Hosted.Store - A reliable name in todays E-Commerce business

Statuettes won by Zencommerce

Providing or credentials overseas was a massive success in countrys like the Netherlands, now Hosted.Store has decided to widen to the Global market.

E-commerce market is growing rapidly therefore we have a full-fledged work strength team located in Luxembourg for your support. What are you waiting for get online today with Hosted.Stores platform.

Statuettes won by Hosted.Store

Hosted.Store Academy

We share e-commerce knowledge with you to ensure your company's success!

For people like you who want to open their first online store we created free webinars to give you a boost in confidence and successability all from the sanctity of your own home, by only having to connect to the internet you will see how to properly prepare your new online store for selling your products. Using our experts to share their knowledge with you on how to create a professional effective catalogue that will intrigue your customers to visit your online shop. Start promoting your brand today. Register for the upcoming webinar.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

We are ready to answer your questions with our specially trained customer support representatives.

We are constantly expanding database articles and how to tips on running a successful shop. Solve problems in a simple way with instructions to facilitate the even greater work. Use practical knowledge that is often co-created by our customers themselves, all found in the help section.

Knowledge base

Want to voice your opinion?

Help us grow with the Hosted.Store platform

Give your opinions on new features and changes that are introduced into Hosted.Store’s application, updates are consulted by users. You can also suggest your ideas to use to improve the platform therefore improving your Store using our Suggestion forum where you can suggestion your ideas and vote other people's idea, this way you have a voice on your own work tool.