Adjust to your needs

Flexible just got smoother!

Changing your storefront needs to engage people and you can do this by yourself to make the store of your dreams that others will envy.

Graphics for your
store is a click away!

You can select multiple graphic templates from our vast variety of templates and find the one that matches your store with our fast loading technology  your clients will spend more time shopping.

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Make Adding additional graphics easier with our Hosted.Store tool!

With the market expanding online your business should expand to, therefore using our online tools we provide you the flexibility of launching your store in the same day as purchase leaving all the worries to us and leaving you to deal with orders effectively.

Simple, customizable Admin Panel!

Using our admin panel you can edit even the tiniest graphical details to your store may that be your logo, banner or icons, you will be given full access to all skins that are available within your panel to use freely on your store.

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Technology HTML/CSS/JS

Your Shop! Your Look

Your store will always look smart and professional with the ability to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript you'll have the ability to customize your website with your scripts to make it truly unique.

If you are looking to make your site professionally you'll be able to implement many unique online stores for yourself and customers. Click to become our Reseller.

You prefer to assign the graphic matter to professionals?
We will create a project which will fascinate you.