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Using our integrated software you can base your site on Google recommendations to allow you to have optimized structure that works with search engines to deliver maximum exposure to your company.

With built in tools and features that show you where your website is positioned in Google’s search results to help you deliver a more SEO site to gain exposure and reputation that is crucial to your success online. We will show you how to use this.

Marketing with communication & adaptability

The store gives your customers information about offers that are online and will automatically remind you about unpaid offers, to ensure feedback we will remind your customers to leave you feedback after the purchase has been completed. Using ‘Marketing automation’ allows you to make precise and up to date tools that allow you to save time and increase customer satisfaction giving you the best ROI.

The Hosted.Store webstore platform has a vast varioty of options including newsletters that you can send to your customer using the backend panel with post banner advertisements in various dimensions.     The panel also aids in organizing promotions , sales, special discounts and actions that will attract new potential customer, publishing interesting articles and product reviews. The effectiveness and results of your activities can be analyzed for free using Google Analytics integration.

Discount obtaining rules:
Possible to use only by store fans and only on Facebook
from till $
from till
Number of different products in the cart for which the coupon will be active
The number defines how many times the coupon can be used, single user limit applies only to registered customers; leave the field empty if you want the coupon to be multiple used

Attract new customers

You can segregate your frequent customers and non returning customers into segments to offer specific discounts to selected users.

The store can aid you in the creation of exciting new offers that mean customers remain your customers with cash or percentage discounts to define a discount threshold and free shipments, generate coupons to attract new customers to your site are all part of the growing possibilities that attract customers to your store.

Loyalty & reward program

The loyalty & reward program encourages your customers to shop frequently. Invite them to share their opinions and write reviews on products then reward them with some points for signing up to a newsletter.

The loyalty program is a good way to keep existing customers at your store. They will be able to collect points for different in-store activities then have the ability to exchange them for discounts, gadgets, free gifts or any special offers. Cashback is a valuable and advanced tool that increases sales in online stores, using this Hosted.Store software a standard option.

Newsletter +10 pt Opinions +5 pt Shopping +24 pt Facebook +15 pt


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