Your friends have influence on 80% purchases

Platform for your customers

  • During shopping 70% of buyers are driven by feedback.
  • Social media is an important source customers use to get information on a product
  • 58% of customers on Facebook expect special offers.
  • 12% more customers come from Social Media.

A store on Facebook and Facebook in a store

Products "LIKE" and "COMMENTS" from real people

Get exposure and comments on your products using the Facebook comments function. This functionality allows for feedback on products in your store using Facebook accounts. Aside from placing opinions in the store, users can also display information on their own wall. By doing this, all their contacts will be informed about your store. After setting up your webstore, you have the ability to moderate the content and comments posted on it.


Exclusive discount coupons for your facebook fans

Using a unique function that allows you to build loyalty with customers by providing rewards just got easier. Encourage your customers to click like and collect loyalty points to reward them with special offers designed specifically for them.

Full sales reports and Facebook registration

Analyse and see how your Facebook store performs , the store has an advanced user activity reports to view which is linked to your Facebook stores growth, the orders made through Facebook have check marks so you can see how well your Facebook store performs.


"like" button

Each of your product cards allows for users to 'leave a like'. In addition, you have the ability to limit store access to a specific usergroup, such as fans. Users whom "Like" your content also can apply for discounts.

"send" button

This Facebook plugin allows you to easily send your store's product information to your Followers.


Implement Facebook's protocol to describe in-store products.

Integration with Facebook search engine

Using Facebook's search engine to help your customer's friends find your product. When your customers "like" your product it will appear on their Facebook timeline so that their friends can view your product.

Shoper payment

Webinar on products

In today's market consumers buy with their eyes with pictures and films having the biggest impact on them, by placing a film in the products description you will increase the attention span of the consumer on your product that could increase the chance of a sale. Enhancing your website with multimedia not only makes it more attractive it works with Google giving you a better chance of SEO.


Easily recommend what's new in the network, advertise sales and promotions.

Google Plus

Product pinning

Pay attention to your products, inspire, reach everyone forming online trends.