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Thinking about all seeking proven solutions to its clients in the area of ​​e-commerce.

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Build customers on your store based on the best e-commerce platform - Hosted.Store.

We provided our credentials overseas with massive success in countries like the Netherlands, now we have decided to widen our software reach toward the market.

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Business looking for an interactive agency with SEO specialists , graphic designers, programmers and companies implementing ERP systems. Let your customers find you.

  • SEO
  • FRP Implementation
  • Design
  • Advertisment
  • Online Marketing
  • PHP, JS

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Tell us what is important to your business and how we can work together to realize your goals.

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You can shape your own pricing policies or earn a commission on each sale.

Why choose Hosted.Store Reseller Program?


You can focus on acquiring new customers. While we take care that your store stays up and active.


We provide technical support over the phone and email for you and your customers.


With our training programs and workshops online we can help you acquire new skills.


We rely heavily on the development of our application,. Giving you a real feel of impact when we release new features to our shops.

Do not let the competitors outsmart you!

Implementing internet shops is a standard service in the industry. You can join them today easily! Leaving us to deal with the hassle and you to deal with sales.