What is SaaS? And why it’s best solution for you


SaaS is nothing else than software offered as a service through the internet, something like a form of rental from the supplier. SaaS allows you to run a business with the latest technology trends, without time consuming deployments and big investments.

Own webshop is expensive? Not any more:
– monthly plans stars from ….
– RWD graphics and all needed integrations included
– just enter or import your products and start selling…

Changing reality? No problem:
– Zencommerce is always up to date
– always complied with all web standards
– quick onsite changes at your finger…

Years ago, starting internet sales was something hard to imagine and you were concerned about running an online store on your own, because of the lack of experience, technical infrastructure or needs to hiring an IT employee or an interactive agency. But by choosing a SaaS solution you don’t have to worry about all these issues. To perform online sales all you need is a device with access to the network. Forget about servers, developers or graphic designers, don’t think about specialized agencies and finally start your business.

When deciding to run an online store you must have wondered at some point: “will this work? How much money will you earn/lose?“. When ordering a dedicated online store you bear the cost of the investment – that’s why fear is a natural thing. Probably you’ve asked yourself several times: “How much do I have to spend?”. From pricing information available on internet forums, often amounts with several zeros occur, which doesn’t help with the final decision. Meanwhile, selecting a SaaS store doesn’t incur expenses on equipment, licenses purchase, necessary adjustments or installations – the costs of starting sales is low. The entire infrastructure – servers purchase, their maintenance, and other costs, which may be significant in the company’s budget associated with equipment replacement, in the case of SaaS are transferred to the software vendor.

You don’t like to wait? But who does… especially when you have a head full of ideas and are you are eager to work on starting your e-business and in the meantime you read on internet forums that the store setup takes weeks or even months. Projects, adjustments, testing… uh… Thats very bad information indeed. But web shop in the SaaS model is a “ready-to-use” solution. You just fill out a form on our webpage, after a while you get your login details and you start in a snap. There is nothing easier and faster.

Yes, OK, but you still have many doubts: first of all you want to open an online store as an additional income source, next to your main field of work. You don’t want sacrifice or resign from your job, but at the same time you want to be up to date with your new online store customers – their questions, orders, etc. On the other hand maybe you are a family guy and after work you don’t want to spend time behind your desk. Maybe some more “doubts” would come to your mind – but just think, that SaaS online store comes forward and lets you do all you love and at the same time build your online business. It comes with the newest technology. Zencommerce software is Responsive Web Design in front, and back-end – in this way you can manage the web shop comfortably on any device you use and whenever you want.

So what’s next? Technology transforms like crazy. Consumer expectations and preferences are changing. That is why your store needs to be up to date, with the changing reality. SaaS has this advantage – the software is automatically updated for free and enriched with new solutions that makes selling easy and fun. You don’t have to worry about anything – we do all the work.
Hmmm… But if the industry grows, the number of stores increases – the competitiveness on the market is something obvious. How to stand out in this situation? – you asked. How to prepare the store, in a way that it can catch the customer’s eye, so that the customer will be happy to come back and recommend it to others? The web shop appearance is very important. So you start looking for information – and, unfortunately, once again you find posts about costs, difficulties, about time of setting up the perfect store. Meanwhile, a SaaS web shop is modular – so you decide how it should look like, you move around its elements to achieve the effect you want. Your admin panel is easy to navigate and allows you to intuitively manage the shop. Having all these solutions, SaaS makes you avoid many additional, hidden costs.

But remember: the fact that someone owns a store and that it has a potential doesn’t guarantee its success. A sales tool, which is an online store, needs a finishing touch – such as adding solutions that involve the customers in the buying process. By this I mean conveniences like quick dispatch, mobile version, loyalty program – and of course the visual comfort that the customer needs. A well presented home page, catalog or individual products can determine visitors to buy. Graphics solutions play a great role in the store’s success.
The decision of purchasing in an online store is made within few seconds. A skilled eye of customer quickly assess attractiveness of the site and either makes a purchase or abandons the store. Many store owners are aware of this fact and decide to order individual graphic layout for the store. You should also think about it.

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